Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swiffer Time!

I don't know about you, but I love my Swiffer Wet Jet. I use it all the time in the kitchen and bathroom. I find it so sad that I have to spend money on the refill spray and pads so often. Well, not anymore! I just ran out of the spray and was dreading a trip to the store to buy more of it. Turns out, you can refill the bottle at home without having to buy much of anything!

a pair of pliers
white vinegar
dawn dish soap

If you squeeze the bottle cap with a pair of pliers, it should pop right off with no damage. Fill with whatever floor solution you wish. I used a solution of 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water, with a couple drops of Dawn dish soap. Screw the cap back on and you are set! Swiffer away!

I still have quite a few of the Swiffer pads left, but when they run out I want try some other alternatives. I'll be sure to post them on here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Okay, so school is keeping me extremely busy these days. Just last night I had a presentation and then more lecture. I'm actually procrastinating right now. I have a written assignment due tonight, but instead, I'm blogging:) This has been a rough week. My presentation took up a LOT of my time....time I could have been spending with my adoring husband and beautiful children. It made me really think about why I am doing this. Why exactly am I going back to school? Do I want a career? Not really. I'm perfectly happy being at home. I just know that a day will come when both of my children are in school and I won't have a "reason" to be at home all day, every day. School is my answer. I'm trying to get my teaching certification in secondary education. Maybe this way, I'll still have the summers off with my girls. I look forward to the day when I don't have homework any longer. But for right now...I guess I should get started on that assignment:(

Monday, March 2, 2009

Homemade Dryer Sheets

My husband is pretty sure I've gone insane with the "homemade cleaning products". He likes the fact that I'm saving us money...but he thinks I'm obsessed now:) I think this recipe is what pushed him (or me) over the edge....

Homemade Dryer Sheets

fabric softener...any brand
thick washcloth(s)

Drench washcloth in fabric softener and wring out. Hang to dry. Throw in dryer like you would regular dryer sheets. Should last around 20-30 loads.

I made washcloth for white loads of laundry, and one for darker loads. They work great!