Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Rambling on....

Okay, so I don't really have any recipes for today. I'm trying to get our house back in some kind of order. I spent a majority of my day Monday and Tuesday studying for a test. Actually, when Kevin got home yesterday after work the lunch dishes were still on the table. So now I'm playing catch up. Grace has been a HUGE help today. She's been making sure all of her toys and any that her sister drags out are put away. That alone helps so much. Maryann has been taking 3 steps here and 2 or 3 steps there. She just started this today. Usually we have to bribe her and try to make her walk to us by offering her a piece of cheese or the remote. Today she's just standing up and walking a few steps, getting down and grabbing what she wants, then back up and walking a few more steps. It's kind of sad....our last little Walker will be walking soon:)

Our new laptop just arrived about an hour ago. I really want to open it and get everything set up, but I know how much Kevin loves that sort of thing. He'll be disappointed if I don't wait for him.

It is sooooo very cold outside today. I've decided I might just have to move to Georgia next winter. And spend my days with Krista enjoying the nice warm climate. I'd have to bring the girls. Grace would throw a fit if she knew I was going to Uncle Jason's house without her! That's enough rambling for now.....I need something to ramble about to Kevin when he gets home!

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