Monday, July 6, 2009

My New Hobby

So, my sister-in-law and best friend Krista got me interested in hair bows and learning how to make them for my daughters. I'm obsessed now! There are so many different kinds and styles you can make.....and if you make them yourself, it is very inexpensive:) Here's a couple I made for my girls for them to wear on the 4th of July. That's Grace's favorite holiday, so she couldn't wait to wear hers. They wore their bows this past weekend and we received so many compliments on them.

I made two: one regular-sized for Grace, and one a little smaller for Maryann. I got these directions from The Ribbon Retreat. I changed it up a bit because I don't really like big crazy hair bows, just something simple.

Here's what you need:
Needle & thread
Lighter (to heat seal ribbon)
Barrett or alligator clip
Button or other embellishment to match ribbon
Glue gun

You can make whatever size bow you wish. I made 2 hair bows, each with only two layers. I used the same amount of ribbon you would to make 1 3-inch, 4-layer bow. (Basically, I made all 4 layers for the 3-inch bow and saw how huge it would be on her head, so I just used the larger two layers for one bow and the smaller two layers for another bow.) Happy bow-making!


  1. I may just have to try this! I have two daughters myself and these look fairly simple. What other bows have you made? Can't wait to make some daughters will be excited!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can't wait to try making these Katie! They sound so fun. I will buy ribbon to match the girls school clothes so they can look stylish for school :)

  3. Katie, these are adorable!! Great job!!! You should post a picture of the girls wearing them!

  4. So, Alex has been wearing the bows you made her and getting lots of compliments and finally today we went to Hobby Lobby and got some 1/2 off ribbon and come barrettes so maybe I will finally try it. Cross your fingers for me!